Sunday, March 22, 2015

Second Snowfall Fun

We got outside on the second snow day and had fun.  This snow was a great snowman building snow.   Alex, Aubrey, and I attempted a snowman and this is what we got.  They also had fun making snow angels.

Pretty Snow with our Second Snow Fall

Our second North Carolina snow came on Feb 26th.  It was such a pretty snow.  It was one of those snows that covers the trees and just makes it look so nice and clean.   

First Snow Day Fun

Back on Feb 17th, we had our first snow in North Carolina and our first chance to go sledding.   Fun was had by all.  We are fortunate to have some great sledding areas just steps away from our front door.




Saturday, March 7, 2015

Award Ceremony

The announcement of Pinewood Derby winners was made at Alex's Cub Scout Pack Blue and Gold Ceremony.   He was nervous.  He didn't know if he would win or not.   He was very excited when they called him as the first place winner.   We are so glad that Dave's Mom, Nanny, was able to go with us to celebrate this moment.

Winning Car

Alex participated in his first Pinewood Derby this winter.   He helped his Dad build it and picked out the paint colors.  He even picked out the name "Dragon".   He loved his first event.   After all the numbers were run, he found out a few weeks later that he won First Place in his Cub Scout Pack.  He (and his Dad) were very excited.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Alex enjoyed playing basketball during the winter season. 
Here are a couple pictures from his last game of the season.


Daisy Ceremony

With the move, Aubrey joined a new Daisy troop.   This was a new Girl Scout troop with all new Daisies except Aubrey.  She was the only one who was in a troop last year.   It is a great group of girls and Aubrey really enjoys it.  Last Month we had a Daisy Investiture Ceremony for all the new Daisies and Aubrey was recognized for being a second year Daisy.  
We had delicious cake after the ceremony.