Sunday, September 28, 2014

2nd Triathlon

Now that we are in North Carolina and getting settled, I competed in my second triathlon in August.  I have found a new love for them.  I get sooooo nervous beforehand, but I just love the feeling I get after I am done.   Just knowing that I have swam, biked, and ran as hard as I could. 

I have a special THANK YOU to my family (especially Dave) for supporting me in this new adventure.

New Playground

Dave's son, Jamison, came to visit.  While he was here, he helped Dave put together their new playground.
This picture shows Dave doing the work, but I think Jamison did more of the work than Dave.
(Sorry Dave, but I had to be honest!)

Alex and Aubrey LOVE it!

The ironic thing is that Jamison helped build their previous playset too.

Trip to Family Gathering in Michigan

I have made a resolution to get back on track on my blog.   I am too far behind.  Ugh.
I really like these pictures from our trip to a family gathering in Michigan.  We had a wonderful time.  It was so nice to see my family all together.
Alex really loved fishing.
Aubrey really liked it until she actually caught a fish.

I think Aubrey was on Uncle Paul's shoulder the entire time.

We secretly planned a small surprise 70th Birthday party for my Mom during the gathering.  It was a little belated, but I think she still enjoyed it.



We also got a family picture while we were there.
Please note that it just started raining while taking the picture and we were all trying to gathering stay dry under a tree for the picture.  : ) 

 Andrea, Dave, Alex, Me, Aubrey, Kendra, Olivia, Paul, My Mom, and Rob

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visiting Aunt Kendra, Uncle Rob, and OLIVIA!

While up in Michigan we spent time with Kendra, Rob, and Olivia.  
We had fun seeing the magician perform at a local park.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Trip to Michigan

A week after we moved to our new home in NC, we took our annual summer trip up to Michigan.   This trip was a little shorter than normal, but we still had a nice time and got to see a lot of family.
During this trip, we took a walk with Grammie on the new river walking trail.   
It was great to see my home town adding such nice trails like this.


Painting has become our favorite hobby lately.  (I only say that because it has been our only hobby lately).  We have been in our new home for a month and a half and we have painted two bedrooms, kid's playroom, two and a half  bathrooms, our kitchen, my office, a loooooong hallway, and part of our two story foyer (the rest to be done soon).  This has kept us extremely busy.  We have done this in addition to unpacking, hanging pictures, making our house look like home, and trying to enjoy the beautiful summer we have been having.  We are trying to do as much painting as possible now because we have a feeling that once we close up shop on painting, it will be a while before we have it in us to paint again.
The first two rooms we painted were Alex and Aubrey's.  They were both a shade of dark gray.   Aubrey wanted to go with a lilac color and Alex wanted blue/green.   I will have to post some "after" pictures soon.
Of course, we had to do the standard writing of our names on the wall.  

(pictures are cut a little short because they wanted to add their last name on the wall too.  I didn't want that posted all over the web.)

Goodbye VA

We just recently moved to North Carolina. 
It was a tough move for me.  I do miss my Virginia friends and family.   I hope to see them all again soon.   Here are pictures from our last morning at our home.  
We had a birthday balloon left over from their birthday party.  
We decided to let it go on our last morning there.
Aubrey was a little sad to let the balloon go, so Alex gave her a hug. 
We had a lot of wonderful memories in this home and hope to have many more to come in our next home.