Sunday, February 22, 2015


Alex enjoyed playing basketball during the winter season. 
Here are a couple pictures from his last game of the season.


Daisy Ceremony

With the move, Aubrey joined a new Daisy troop.   This was a new Girl Scout troop with all new Daisies except Aubrey.  She was the only one who was in a troop last year.   It is a great group of girls and Aubrey really enjoys it.  Last Month we had a Daisy Investiture Ceremony for all the new Daisies and Aubrey was recognized for being a second year Daisy.  
We had delicious cake after the ceremony.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kids Museum Fun

Near the end of our Christmas holiday break, the four of us took a short road trip to a children's museum that we had heard great things about.   Well the kids loved it.   We are so glad that we went before the kids got much older.   I wish we had this place nearby when the kids were younger.  


During Christmas break, Alex, Aubrey, and I went back up to our previous neighborhood to visit our good friends.    Alex and Aubrey love our new neighborhood, but the one thing Aubrey misses most is her first best friend.  We went to spend a few days with them over the break.  All three kids had a great time together.  We can't wait to get together again soon.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve Fun

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve
Before church, we took some pictures in front of our Santa Bears.   The Santa Bears were from my Mom's best friend, Carol Appel.  We gave her the honorary name of Aunt Carol.  When she passed away, my Mom asked for all her Santa Bears.  My sister, Kendra had them for a while, but when she was ready to pass them on to someone else, I was glad to take them.  It was nice to see them sitting in our living room.   On Christmas Eve, we sat in front of them for some pictures.
Even Dave's Mom, Nanny, sat in front of them. 
We are so glad that Nanny and Jamison were able to join us.
After Christmas Eve Church and dinner, Alex and Aubrey opened up their gifts from Aunt Kendra.  They were happy to get some cool pajamas.   They both liked them and Aubrey was happy that hers came with a matching doll dress.
For dessert, the kids made a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus's birthday.
Then we made a plate of treats for Santa Claus and his reindeer.
On Christmas morning, we took a sneak peak Aubrey and Alex's gifts from Santa.
The bikes sure have been put to good use since they got them from Santa on Christmas. 
They love them.

Christmas Cousins

Just before Christmas, Dave's family came over for Christmas dinner.   Alex really wanted his cousins and Aubrey to sit and get their picture taken.  Here are a couple of the results.