Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aubrey's Art Show

One of Aubrey's pieces of art was selected for display at a local high school.  
Aubrey was excited about it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Air and Space Museum with Aunt Andrea

Aunt Andrea (my sister) recently came to visit.   She joined Aubrey and I at the Air and Space Museum for the Girl Scout/Family event. We all enjoyed it.  Although I think it may have been a few too many little kids for Aunt Andrea....but she was a trooper thru it all.   I think she secretly had a great time.   You can't help it but have fun when you are with Neala and Aubrey on a Girl's Escape.  : )

Aubrey tried this airplane search worksheet.  We had to look throughout the entire museum for the planes on the sheet.  All of the planes had animal names.  The last one we had to find was the little one behind her called "The Flea."  She was so excited to find them all.  It was the highlight of our trip.

St. Patrick's Day

This sure doesn't look like St. Patrick's Day to me!
More Snow!

I didn't get any pictures this time, but we had to do a little shoveling and Alex and Aubrey went out with Dave to do a little sledding.

Flight Home

We have flown a lot with the kids in tow and I have to admit that this last flight was the least stressful of them all.   It was so nice to just be able to sit back and flip thru a magazine and work on a few things of my own.   I am so glad the flight went well.   Since it was so relaxing, I had a chance to pull out the camera and take some pictures.   I have never taken pictures on the plane before.  : )

Pirate Ship Fun

While we were in Florida, my Mom found a fun Pirate Ship adventure.   We all took a trip on the ship and had a nice cruise around the waters of Fort Myers, FL.   The kids got some Pirate Tattoos and treasures as we ventured out in the open water.  Even my brother, Paul joined us.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Florida Beach Time

A few weeks ago we escaped the cold and went to Florida where we were able to wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.   We also were able to go swimming outside on the beach.   We went to Florida to visit my Mom (Grammie) and my brother, Paul.   We had a wonderful visit.   One of our first adventures was to hit the beach.   We spent about 5 hours there and had a relaxing and fun time.  Here are some pictures of us enjoying the wildlife, picking seashells, building sand castles, and basking in the sun. 



My brother, Paul, basking in the sun.  : )

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aubrey's Pink Dress

Aubrey saw this dress at the store and fell in love with it. 
I normally don't splurge like this when the kids are around,
but the price was right and she loves it.