Sunday, June 22, 2014

Alex's Last T-Ball Game

Alex had a lot of fun playing T-Ball this year. 
He is excited to play it again.  Here are some pictures from his last game.

After the game, there was an end of year celebration at a local pizza restaurant. 
The boys had fun getting together.

I do want to add here, that Aubrey loved going to Alex's T-ball games.  There were two girls there who were sisters of other team members.  She was so excited to go and play with her friends while Alex played T-ball.   I almost wonder if she will miss the T-ball games more than Alex.

Belated Birthday Party

Alex and Aubrey really wanted their birthday party at a local gymnastics center.  Unfortunately, when I went to book it, I was a little late and the only time I could get was a month after their birthday.  Since they really wanted this party (and it is one of the cheapeast places to have a party), we went with it.  They didn't mind at all.
When the party day arrived they were so excited.  They had soooo much fun.
Happy Birthday Alex and Aubrey!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dexter's Cat Stand

About 17 years ago, I brought my college roommate's cat with me to my new apartment in DC.  My Dad made me this cat stand/toy for Dexter (my cat) to play on.   When Dexter passed away, I had a hard time parting with this stand even though I knew I would probably never have a cat again.   With our upcoming move, I decided it was time to part ways, so I had it set out.   Alex, Aubrey, and our neighborhood friend saw it and decided it would make a great bird feeder/stand.  So they decorated it with stuff they found around the yard and then added a little birdseed along with it.   The birds enjoyed it (as well as other animals) and the kids had a great time playing with it.
I have to say that it brought a tear or two to my eye to watch the kids play with it.   When my Dad made this, he never would have imagined that his two grandchildren would be playing with it.  He only built it for his grandcat and now he has two wonderful grandchildren.  I do just wish my Dad would have met them.  He would be so proud.  

Day trip to the City

A few weekends ago, Dave was out of town.  I decided to take the kids to DC to do some sightseeing before we move.   We went to the Museum of Natural History and then we did a detour to see Thomas Jefferson Memorial.   Alex has been interested in Thomas Jefferson lately.  I think he just like saying that Thomas Jefferson lived in MONTICELLO.   He puts a fun Italian spin on the word Monticello.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dave's Birthday

In late May, we celebrated Dave's Birthday with a Key Lime Pie.

We are moving

Well we have a contract on our home and we are moving to North Carolina.   We are excited but also very sad to leave our friends and family here.  We really do not have any family here, but a lot of our friends are like family.   I know that I can call on them and they would be here in an instant if we needed their help.   It will be sad to be so far away from them.  I know we will miss it here, but another adventure awaits us.

My First Triathlon

On Mother's Day, I completed my first triathlon.  I was sooooo nervous about it, but I survived and did great.  I came in first in my age group  (out of 17 ladies) and out of all the 100 ladies who completed the event, I had the second highest bicycling time.   YIPPPPEEEEEE


Both Alex and Aubrey were so excited to see my award at the end of the race.