Saturday, May 9, 2015


This is the sight at our front door when you have a visit from someone with a broken left foot (Kendra), someone with a broken right foot (Andrea), and a three year old (Olivia).  Just made me laugh every time I saw it, so I had to take a picture.

New stuff from our Grandmas

Here are the girls with their dresses made by Grammie and their bunny ears from Nanny.
We added Alex in for this picture.

T-Ball batting lesson

Olivia received a T-Ball batting lesson from Alex.



What a cutie!

Visit from Aunt Kendra, Aunt Andrea, Olivia and Johnna

Back in March, my sisters, Kendra and Andrea, and Kendra's daughters, Olivia and Johnna came for a visit.  We are so glad that they came.   Kendra and Andrea each had a broken foot so they were off of work for a few weeks.  Andrea broke her left foot so she was able to drive down.  Kendra broke her right foot so she was the passenger along with her kids.   I am so glad that they all made it here safely and that they were able to come down before they had to go back to work.
One of the days during their visit, Alex and Aubrey had to go to school, so the five of us took a trip to a nearby Science Center.    Fortunately, the Science Center is pretty small and Kendra and Andrea were in walking casts so we were able to walk around a little bit.
Olivia got a chance to "pet" a stingray.
Look at that monkey!
Kendra and Johnna.  Olivia put her blankie on top of Johnna to keep her warm.  : )
Andrea  : )

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Second Snowfall Fun

We got outside on the second snow day and had fun.  This snow was a great snowman building snow.   Alex, Aubrey, and I attempted a snowman and this is what we got.  They also had fun making snow angels.

Pretty Snow with our Second Snow Fall

Our second North Carolina snow came on Feb 26th.  It was such a pretty snow.  It was one of those snows that covers the trees and just makes it look so nice and clean.