Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cub Scout BB Range

Ok, I have to admit that I have a hard time with this.  I grew up in a family where we didn't even have squirt guns in our house.   So to have my little kids try out BB guns I not quite sure what to think. 
However, during our recent Cub Scout campout, we went ahead and gave it a try especially since it was under the direction of the BB Gun Ranger.  It started with a comprehensive safety discussion.  Then Alex got to give it a try.  Since there was some extra time, Aubrey got to give it a try.   They also got to do archery as well.   We don't have any pictures of that because they both went at the same time, so Dave and I had to help with that one.

Alex earned two belt loops for Archery and BB Guns.  He was so excited when he received the belt loops at a recent Cub Scout Pack meeting.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Swinging and Campfiring

Ok, I know Campfiring is not a word, but it rhymes with swinging.  : )
No matter how old you are, you can always go swinging. 

We have really enjoyed our backyard fire pit and we had fun making s'mores while Nanny and Grammie were in town.

Pictures with Nanny and Grammie

Trip to Science Center with Grammie

During Grammie's recent visit, we took a trip to the Science Center.
This has become our favorite place to take visitors.

Soccer Game with Grammie

Alex decided to try out soccer again this fall.  
Here he is at one of his first games.  (It was much warmer back then.)

Grammie came to visit and enjoyed watching one of has games with Aubrey.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our new cub scout

Alex is now a Cub Scout and he just loves it.   He loves earning belt loops, badges, beads, and all the other things that Cub Scouts earn.   He also loves camping.  We have already done a family camping trip and had a nice relaxing time.

Cousin Fun

Back when it was warm, we took a drive to a park and had some fun with our cousins.
Took a ride on the carousal.

Took a ride on a little train around the park.

Then finished it off with a paddle boat ride.  There was the boys paddle boat....

....and the girls paddle boat.  I think the girls had a little more fun than the boys.  Dave had a hard time getting these two boys to cooperate.  : )